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Welcome to the world of Medigen!

Our company's passion and vocation is the Hungarian pharmaceutical market, and our work is always focused on patients and our pharmaceutical partners. Our expert owners and staff are committed to delivering the highest quality products to patients.

At Medigen, we believe that everyone has the right to safe and modern healthcare, of which the provision of appropriate medicines is an essential part. We take responsibility for this.

To this end, we are constantly developing and expanding our product range to provide our customers with the best quality pharmaceutical products.

Our strength is our ability to adapt quickly to the current market and economic situation. This approach enables us to provide sustainable and efficient solutions not only for the pharmaceutical market, but also for the entire healthcare sector. Whether it is the procurement or brokering of prescription medicines, we offer the highest professional standards.

We are not just a pharmaceutical company, but an associate who helps our partners to achieve their goals in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare..

To sum up, Medigen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a company that serves its customers in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market with true professionalism and dedication. Our aim is to offer the highest quality products and services, always keeping the interests of patients in mind, adapting to changing market conditions.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey in the service of health and healthcare!

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In our work, we strive every day to serve our customers and create real value in the pharmaceutical sector, in line with Medigen's core values.

Curiosity. Curiosity is the driving force for innovation and progress. We always strive to learn, to seek new solutions and opportunities for progress. We are convinced that we can only keep up with the ever-changing expectations in healthcare if we are open to innovation and constantly looking for new and better solutions for patients and the provision of medicines.

Creativity. Creativity allows us to find unique and effective solutions to the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Our creative thinking and flexibility enable us to develop innovative products and services that deliver real value to our customers and patients.

Communication. Communication is key to effective cooperation and to maintaining close relationships with our partners. We are open to dialogue and actively listen to feedback from our customers and partners. They help us understand needs and ensure that the solutions we provide truly meet those needs.

Cooperation: Cooperation is extremely important in the field of healthcare. We work closely with our partners, healthcare professionals and institutions to develop and improve drug supply. Collaboration helps ensure that the solutions we offer truly serve the best for the healthcare community.

For the sake of our long-term and successful work, we focus on these values and devote our resources to high-quality and efficient service to clients and patients.

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Medigen is committed to helping address the challenges of medicines in patient care. In an ever-changing economic climate, supply issues in the pharmaceutical market and shortages of some key products can hinder effective healthcare delivery, both for pharmacies and patients. Our company is actively involved in addressing these challenges, as we believe that all patients have the right to access the medicines they need, regardless of whether these products are currently available on the Hungarian pharmaceutical market. One of our main goals is to ensure that all patients have access to modern and effective medicines offered by our international partners. We work to bring manufacturers and healthcare institutions together to find solutions for the procurement and licensing of shortage products. Our work contributes to the continuity and safety of patient care.


Medigen's active sales and pharmacy visiting representatives team plays a prominent role in enabling efficient pharmacy distribution. In doing so, we offer a wide range of services that include the introduction of new products and the increase of sales of existing products. We introduce promotions that help pharmacists and pharmacy staff to sell products more effectively. The promotions will give patients the opportunity to try products and help them make faster purchasing decisions. Follow-up and monitoring is also a key part of our business. Our team regularly returns to pharmacies to monitor product performance and make sure they are meeting patients' needs. This allows us to respond quickly to any changes or challenges in the market environment and to further refine our services for the benefit of pharmacists and patients. Overall, Medigen Ltd. is committed to strengthening the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists and to facilitate efficient pharmacy distribution. Through our wide range of services, we ensure that pharmacists and pharmacy professionals always have the most up-to-date information and options to better care for patients and distribute medicines more efficiently.


Medigen offers outstanding brand representation services to pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. This complex activity includes detailed product presentation, education of healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists), market research and strategic planning, and building relationships with healthcare institutions. We also organise promotional events to present the products directly to professionals. Medigen's goal is to help its clients to effectively position their products in the Hungarian healthcare market, thus contributing to better patient care and the success of pharmaceutical companies.




1114 Budapest

Orlay str. 4. 1st floor 4. 



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